University of Glamorgan Hustings

The hustings event organized by the students of the University of Glamorgan in Treforest was one of the best.  In the audience was Jonathan Bishop, a leading expert on the growing problem of internet trolling. He said that my informed response was outstanding: “Internet trolling is only going to become more severe a problem. Hearing first hand Alun Michael’s clear expertise on the matter compared to the other candidates has won my confidence for sure.

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I appreciate Jonathan’s kind comment  and I’m glad that he found my answer convincing. I don’t pretend to be a “techie” but I have spent a lot of time over many years working on the “people” aspects of internet crime and on internet governance issues in Parliament and internationally.  I’ve been a contributor to the UN’s Internet Governance Forum on behalf of the UK Parliament and as chair of the UK Internet Governance Forum.  And earlier this year I moderated a seminar on “The Rule of Law Online” in Geneva for the Internet Society.  Internet issues aren’t remote problems – they now affect all of us, even people who never go online themselves, so it is important. If elected, I’ll be continuing to use my knowledge and implement it as Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales.

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