Professor Jonathan Shepherd – Chairman of Violence Prevention Group, Cardiff Partnership: “During the past three years Alun has built on the strong foundations of violence reduction established in South Wales by the Cardiff Partnership.  As the Police Minister who steered the Crime and Disorder Act through the House of Commons, Alun understands the importance of partnership working and the necessity of a scientific approach to tackling crime.  I’m pleased that he has put such a strong emphasis on partnership between the police and the Health Service. That approach, which has already done a great deal to make South Wales safe, has the potential to make us even safer.”

Gwenda Thomas, who has been the Assembly Member for Neath for 17 years and as the Welsh Government Minister for Social Services drove reform of social care.  She says :  “I wanted a Commissioner who would understand the needs of people who are at risk in our communities, and who would make sure that the police focus clearly on their needs. That’s why I supported Alun from the start, knowing his passion for social justice and his keen sense of community. In three years he has put a clear emphasis on protecting the vulnerable, and I support his wish to enable all our older people to be safe and confident in their homes.”

Mike Payne (2)

Mike Payne – GMB Regional Political Officer: “As a trade unionist, I judge the Commissioner on how he treats people, especially those who work for South Wales Police.  Despite it having been a tough time over the past few years, with massive cuts in the public finances, Alun has shown that he’s prepared to take action to protect people’s jobs.  I welcome the fact that custody jobs were brought back in house and that Alun has been firm and resolute in making our communities safe, while pursuing justice for all. Having campaigned with Alun for over 30 years, I know his commitment to fairness and social justice and he’s fought to protect the vulnerable and to campaign tirelessly to reduce violence against women and girls.  That’s why he has my full support, and why I urge you to give him your support too.”

Jenny Rathbone, as Assembly Member for Cardiff Central, has worked closely with Alun Michael. She says : “It’s vital that we have a Commissioner who understands how the police operate and is willing to me sure the police protect the most vulnerable.  Alun has made it a priority to tackle violence against women and girls, to change the way the police handle people suffering from mental illness, and to challenge the criminal justice system locally to serve the public better.  He’s applied his huge experience to making the police and the courts work better for all of us.

Huw Irranca-Davies :   As MP for Ogwr I knew that tackling crime and neighbourhood nuisance was a vital issue for my constituents – so in 2012 I supported Alun Michael as the right person to be the Police and Crime Commissioner for South Wales. Having worked with Alun for many years as a Minister and as an MP I know that he combines strategic vision with attention to detail while having the deep sense of community which is so important to my constituents.  Alun has put those principles into practice as Police Commissioner and he’s used his years of experience to make South Wales safer.”

2016 03 19 Dawn Bowden

Dawn Bowden is the Welsh Assembly Candidate for Merthyr and was the Head of Health for Unison in Wales : I’ve seen Alun’s commitment to the people who work for South Wales Police in a whole variety of roles – clearly the Force’s greatest asset – which is so important when public services are under such pressure from the cuts imposed by Central Government. I’m also pleased that he has worked so hard to create a real partnership between the police and the NHS in South Wales – recognising that problems from domestic abuse to mental health and substance misuse need to be tackled through a co-operative approach.  I want Alun to be re-elected so that he can continue to pursue these issues and I look forward to working with him for the benefit of Merthyr and the whole of South Wales.

Huw Lewis has been Assembly Member for Merthyr Tydfil & Rumney and Welsh Government Minister for Education.  He says : “Alun has put the principles of co-operation into practice consistently and effectively as our Police & Crime Commissioner.  He gets it when it comes to the link between offending and social conditions; education and the need to provide opportunities for our young people – and he’s brought agencies together to bring about change.  I share his passion for co-operation, which is at the heart of his Police & Crime Plan and is just the approach that is needed in the role of Police Commissioner.”

Professor Howard Williamson CVO CBE – Expert on Youth Policy, University of South Wales: “I worked as a researcher with Alun in the 1970s and 1980s when he was a youth and community development officer, and I have seen how innovative he has been in combining youth work experience at street level with a clinical approach to analysing facts and complex evidence in order to transform policy – for instance, as a Minister creating the youth offending teams and the Youth Justice Board. He has applied this approach to the role of Police and Crime Commissioner – seeking to strengthen approaches to tackling youth offending, doing more to tackle offending in the 18-25 age group, and involving universities in his work.  He has proved a force for good in South Wales.”

Brendan Toomey

Councillor Brendan Toomey, Leader of Merthyr Tydfil Borough Council, writes : As our Police and Crime Commissioner for the past three-and-a- half years, Alun has gone out of his way to engage with the needs and strengths of Merthyr.  He has met me and the Chief Executive of the Council once a quarter, giving us a chance to raise local issues and work out how we can co-operate in the best interests of the people of Merthyr.  He’s taken the trouble to listen to local voices – for example meeting the young people of Gurnos campaigning for local improvements and attending a major public meeting in Troedyrhiw and responding to local concerns.  There’s a real sense that he’s a part of our local team, working with councillors as well as our local Assembly Member and our MP in the public interest.

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