My Pledges to You

Darllenwch yn y Gymraeg

The Police & Crime Commissioner is elected to represent the public in ensuring that South Wales Police is run efficiently and effectively.  This is what that means to me………

My aim as Police and Crime Commissioner is to cut crime and to maintain an effective and efficient police service as well as holding the Chief Constable to account. The Commissioner is the ‘voice of the public’ so I have worked to ensure that the policing and safety concerns of our diverse communities are heard and addressed.  It’s the Police Officers and PCSOs who work with you in your local community – but I’ve worked through a period of major Conservative cuts in the Police Grant to give them both the resources and the support to do that effectively while working in co-operation with local communities and other agencies.

My key pledges are these …….…..

  • To prevent crime, harm and antisocial behaviour wherever possible, to enable people to be safe and confident in their homes and communities.  “Austerity” has given the police a tough ten years but we’ve protected neighbourhood policing, unlike some English Forces, and made the most of additional PCSOs provided by our Welsh Labour Government.
  • To work with all public services, particularly Welsh Government, Local Government and the NHS, to be innovative in delivering the services that people need.  Through the year of COVID-19 we’ve shown in Wales how in the most difficult times you can still be innovative and ambitious in serving our communities.
  • To work to protect the most vulnerable in our communities, understanding why things go wrong and working with others to tackle the causes – for example working with Public Health Wales on the roots of substance misuse as well as tackling those who exploit vulnerable people and prey on youngsters.
  • To work to make the local criminal justice system efficient and effective to meet the needs of victims and reduce re-offending.  During the past year we’ve been quicker to reopen courts in Wales than in regions of England and I’m proud of having played a part in bringing organisations together to speed up justice.
  • Contribute to the wider policing challenges by meeting the Strategic Policing Requirement and working with others in Wales and more widely.  Threats like County Lines (through which children and young people are exploited by big city gangs) can’t be defeated alone which is why co-operation runs like a golden thread through my approach.
  • Spend your money wisely and effectively, working with the Chief Constable to deliver the best possible service.  That’s about high-quality police response but it’s also about preventing harm.  For example, Domestic Violence and Abuse is a scourge of families and communities, so as well as providing services and working with voluntary organisations to support victims, I’ve rolled out the DRIVE programme across our seven local authority areas because it is reducing violence and changing lives for the better.

In every aspect of Policing I believe in early intervention and prompt, positive action based on evidence and developed in partnership between the police and other agencies.

Welsh Government has set principles through legislation to work for the Wellbeing of Future Generations and while Policing is not devolved that provides the environment in which we can work locally through the Public Service Boards to improve people’s lives locally.  And I’m contributing to a refreshed approach to Community Safety in each of our Local Authority areas.

These aren’t just election promises – there is substance behind each of them. The full details of the mission, vision, values and principles which provide firm foundations for the future are available in the full South Wales Police & Crime Plan and I’ve spelt out my priorities in my Election Statement.

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